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21 Simple Rules For Dating Mark

  1. If I like you enough to say "I like you," It means I want to hear from you
  1. Mostly By My House Keys....OK I'm A Smart Ass
  1. Yep, Me and Underdog
  1. It's nice when it does...But when it comes to Mark...It's even nicer when it doesn't
  1. Then Again --- When I'm in a bus --- It's a hot sexy car
  1. Not a hypochondirac like my mother was
    First she got a cold
    And couldn't go to work
    Then she got bronchitis
    And had to have her meals in bed
    Then she got pneumonia
    And we had to bury her
  1. Remember all this, without your money, would only be nearly as nice
  1. Of course it can buy you a Porsche; which you can park next to happiness
  1. You should be over it by now
  1. It's a fact, look it up. Where? If you were smarter than me you wouldn't have to ask
  1. You Get it in the open...You get it resolved...You Get Past it
    I went out to San Francisco to see Darren Hayes, at his house
    I was so mad when I found out he put up a 12 foot fence, just to keep me out.
    But I got over it
  1. Saving your love, is not going to get you any interest
  1. You're no use to me dead
  1. If you would give half your life to kiss me once...Then go for it and kiss me twice
  1. I may not be all there...But what's left over, makes it all worth while
  1. Is with your arms
  1. No matter what you have, will have or lost
    The best you'll ever get out of life is to:
    Live with dignity
    Fall in love
    And to die in your sleep
  1. If you love someone you let them know
    Because there ain't a lot of time before it will snow
  1. I don't judge a person on what he's done.
    I judge them by what they've overcome to achieve what they've done
  1. I'll be here all day
  1. It may not be the rich man ...Who's gonna love me
    It may not be the stonger man...Who's gonna lift me up
    It may just be the patient man...Who's gonna take this lover home
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